making spirits bright...and ugly

when jim received this awful sweater in his office secret santa, we were certain it would be the ugliest at the ugly sweater christmas party we hosted last night:

this photo doesn't begin to capture its tackiness: embellished with sequins, gold balls, pearls, and wood heart buttons, the sugar plum fairies on the back are wearing three-dimensional tulle skirts. UG-LEEEE.

but everyone was put to shame when this monstrosity walked in the door:

this ensemble was a true work of art. if a hoodless mom sweatshirt can be considered tricked out, it was: chad customized this little ugly with an actual stuffed reindeer, a vest, candy canes and working christmas lights. really, there are no words.

jim made eggnog, following the recipe of our grandfatherly neighbor who got it from his own grandfather. it was unbelievably rich (18 eggs and three pints whipping cream will do that!), potent, and a huge hit.

a few more pics...

weird, wonderful, and so much fun.


Becky said...

Fabulous! Just Fab-u-lous!

Penny said...

LOL! oh yes.
I love that scene in Briget Jones Diary where Darcy turns around wearing that reindeer sweater.

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