3 is the magic number

james slept through the night, in his crib, for the past three nights.

as dylan has been known to mutter to herself around the house, "thanks be to God!"

she really is a little sponge--even the liturgy soaks in.  we have to be careful of other things!

they say those first three months for newborns are almost like a fourth trimester (quarter?), and i think that's so true.  it seems to take a full three months for babes to start to acclimate to life on planet earth.

at three months, no only is our sweet boy smiling, laughing, and cooing, he's beginning to settle into some natural rhythms.  i can put him down to nap (by himself, finally!) for longer stretches of time, and when he's awake he really engages with people and his surroundings.

james love face time, whether in our laps or on the changing table, and he flashes the widest grins whenever he catches our eyes.

james finally seemed like he was ready for a bedtime, so we started putting him down by himself, and he didn't fight it.  when he woke later, we'd bring him back into bed with us, not wanting to provoke the kind of battles we fought when dylan was a wee thing.

ok, she's still a wee thing.  in fact, they're in the same size diapers!

if it ain't broke...

but, co-sleeping is not our parenting philosophy or anything, and it was time to give sleeping in the crib a try.

james woke up, i nursed him, and put him back in his bed.

and he slept!

and then the next three nights, he didn't even wake up until morning.

that's my boy:)

i'm not deluding myself that he'll sleep like a little cherub forever and ever, amen, or anything, but he did last night, and for that i am thankful.

thanks be to God.


Kelly Miller said...

Those first few nights of full sleep are so wonderful. I'm glad you're getting some rest, even if it doesn't last forever.

Amy from Occupation: Mommy said...

Yay, James!

Bri said...

yay!so maybe my second baby will sleep? ha! thank you for your sweet and encouraing comments the other day :)

lauren debo said...

that's wonderful! so glad you are getting some serious rest.

TAMI said...

Those are some BIG changes -- remembering what it feels like to be RESTED when you wake up!

Beth said...

yay james! remind me when my time comes that new babies DO eventually sleep through the night : )

Mary Ann Hartzell said...

SO FUNNY! I loved Dylan's "Thanks be to God" Amen!
May rest for everyone continue. I miss you guys so much I can hardly stand it. Daddy say we can come in Feb. What's good for you?

Penny said...

yeah - 3 months seems to be a milestone for lots of things. :) Hope his sleeping continues.

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