daddy's home

after enduring eight days and billions of snowflakes with two very small children, i'm happy to report that jim is home, safe and sound from backpacking cumberland island, georgia.

even georgia wasn't immune to the record low temps: supposedly, the island experiences snow once every hundred years, and it fell once during the night while they camped. (but they slept threw its fleeting presence.)

it literally snowed every single day here. i had visions of play dates and outings to break up our week, but we were lucky to make it to the grocery store once. it was a loooong week.

jim saw armadillos and wild horses. i saw a lot of baby spit up and countless diapers, but we did actually get a cool wildlife experience: dylan and i watched eight deer feeding right in our snowy yard. they saw us at the kitchen window (and heard our frantic dog) but didn't seem to mind our gaze and stayed for a half hour!

dylan loves animals, and it was fun to watch them up close together. the snow made such a striking contrast to their brown bodies. the small fawns delighted dylan with their awkward hops over the big snow drifts. we had a nice little nature experience from the cozy comfort our our kitchen.

we are all glad to have jim back. this morning, he got up with dylan and i stayed in bed with the baby until after nine. heaven!


Becky said...

Oh, heavens! I'm glad you survived! We were going batty and daddy was home here. I hope you get to take a nice bubble bath soon.

O'Brien said...

Thank God for the BEST husbands and fathers

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