kiddie prayers

my week of single-parenthood has (so far) gone better than i'd anticipated. the kids have been pretty good, and they were downright angelic this afternoon at the grocery store and when i locked us out of the house for the better part of an hour(!)

really, it's just the dog that's been driving me crazy. but apparently, just me: dylan seems to enjoy sydney's misbehavior.

an excerpt from tonight's bedtime routine:

ME: what do you want to thank God for?

DYLAN: sydney!

ME: thank you God, for sydney. anything else you want to thank God for, d?

DYLAN: sydney eat poop!

um, i know we're to "give thanks in all circumstances," but i'm drawing the line somewhere. sorry, Jesus.


Penny said...


TAMI said...

Locking ourselves out of our homes is just so oxymoronic, isn't it??!

Heather said...

Cute story! I'm glad to hear that we aren't the only ones who pray for "odd" things at night! LOL!

Jenney said...

Love kids prayers, they are so funny and precious. I think God may laugh himself. Right now my 3 year old prays "Thank you God for our food so we can do stuff...and have more food"

bethany said...

ill be praying for your last couple days! i love you so much!

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