poppy made it

look what santa brought me!  (um, i realize this post comes a bit after the fact, but you'll have that.)  jim commissioned his dad to make this gorgeous bench for our living room, made entirely of scrap mahogany.  beautiful, sturdy, one-of-a-kind, and salvaged from expensive wood destined for the dumpster. how cool?

dylan exclaims, "poppy made it!" about just about every object in the house.

the truth is he probably could make anything he set his hands to, and we're so thankful for our growing custom collection.

Exhibit B:  dylan's big girl daisy bed.  isn't it sweet?  again, poppy dreamed up the whole thing in his head.

Exhibit C:  stunning baby cradle.  this is heirloom.  i just love the sun, moon, and stars.
Exhibit D:  cool storage bench that matches our ikea living room furniture but is significantly more durable
i forgot to photograph the matching shelves poppy made to fit the quirky low walls and slant ceiling of the bedroom in our first apartment.  we now have one in our room, and its pair makes the perfect child's book shelf in dylan's.

poppy is a woodworker by trade (completely self-taught), but shouldn't he be in business for himself?  he's an artist who can create anything, and he skillfully carves such love and time into every piece and project.

if you live in the nashville area and are looking for custom furniture, i know a guy...


Libby said...

I love love love those Suzannah!

And hurray for sleeping! I've been lurking, enjoying reading your blog for a little while now and finally decided to say hello. Hope night 4 goes as well!


lauren debo said...

wow he is very talented! all of those pieces are gorgeous! dylan's bed is simple precious!

that is quite a handy poppy! (picturing dylan saying "poppy made it!" melts my heart, it's so freaking cute).

Mary Ann Hartzell said...

So beautiful!! What a talent!

Penny said...

Good for Poppy - he's very talented. :)

Kay Aker said...

A real Wow factor!

Jen said...

WOW!!! Absolutely gorgeous. He is so talented. I want a daisy bed too. Imagine waking up to those happy daisies everyday. Nice!

Reesa said...

What beautiful furniture! We have a table, 2 bookshelf, and step stools my grandpa made before he passed (at age 87). I cherish these more than anything I could ever buy and the quality is amazing.

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