sister love

if you are a praying person, would you please lift up my sister, tiffany, in prayer?  she is undergoing surgery today for breast cancer.  i talked to her this morning, and she was feeling full of peace and enveloped in prayer, but a few more prayers wouldn't hurt!

please pray that the five hour surgery goes well, that they don't find cancer in her lymph nodes, and for her recovery and complete healing.

isn't this such a cool picture?  this is tiff at machu picchu.  she is a world traveler and a fantastic sixth grade teacher.

while you're praying, my other sister, bethany, could use prayer, too.  she is studying spanish in guatemala and got her identity stolen, bank account wiped, and an additional two grand overdrawn.  she's traveling alone and going to language school so that she can come home better equipped to serve brooklyn as a tenant organizer.  please pray for her safety there and for peace as this financial mess is resolved.

my sisters are two of the most important people in my life.  they are strong and beautiful, inside and out, and i'm so proud of both of them and thankful for them.

thank you for praying with me for these amazing women!


Kelly Miller said...

Wow. I'm praying for them both.

Heather said...

Sending prayers in the direction of BOTH of your sisters!

O'Brien said...

Wow, may Yahweh lift you all up.

What book are you going to check out? I recommend He Loves Me!!! also, The Shack

Thanks for the note.....I can smell my chicken stock as i write.....It will lull me to sleep.

Hope everyone in your local family is well from little to big:)

Anonymous said...

Hi Zan, You are so right they are two amazing woman and prayer is constant for all three of you. We will pray for healing, protection, favor and peace. Know they have touched my life, not just because they are your sisters, but the people they are. Love you tons

Jill (aka Mom ) said...

I am the anonymous above, I forgot to sign it and so It is from Me , Jill (aka mom )

Kay Aker said...

I'll continue to pray for Tiffany!

Jen said...

I will also say prayers for your sisters. They seem to be beautiful inside and out.

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