sleep in heavenly peace

james is sleeping in his cradle, and has been for over two hours. it might not sound like much, but this is a huge triumph. the boy sleeps, but not for long unless he's being held. my house is fairly organized, i read through and recycled the sunday paper, i'm blogging without simultaneously nursing. it's a big day:)

especially, because this is day one (of SEVEN) of jim being out of town on a backpacking trip. so far, so good. getting out of the house helped. even though it was snowy and in the single digits, we made it to church and had a lovely dinner with neighbors. dylan kept tantrums at bay, and she and i even got a little nap in together in her big girl bed.

thanks, Jesus!


Glenn said...

Great start to your week... we'll pray that the rest of the week goes as well. Love, Dad

Stef said...

If i could, i would TOTALLY be there to hang out with you and your kids while jim is gone. But...wah. I'm home instead.

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