buyer beware

i bought a little bird oil to use on dylan's skin.

bird oil, you ask?

about that...

dylan has a patch of eczema on the back of her knee, and dry winter heat has not been kind to it (no matter how much we run that humidifier.)  what was once a tiny patch is taking over her little knee pit, and she keeps scratching it raw.  i've tried jojoba oil, aquaphor, vaseline, apricot oil, and shea butter, and while some things provide temporary relief, nothing was truly cutting it.

so, while browsing online, i came across a product called "eczema oil."  it's ingredients were kukui nut oil, emu oil, and jojoba oil.

sounded great! 

jim was there when i opened the package.

"emu oil?  like the bird?"

"nooooo...emu is a plant or something.  right?"

a little google search revealed that emu oil is, in fact, from australian emu birds.  and it's it's known to be really healing and anti-inflammatory.

the verdict?  it's awesome.  her knee looks great, and both kids' chapped winter cheeks seems to like it too.

yep, i'm putting bird oil on their little faces.

and i like it.

good thing we're not vegan;)

(this post is linked to works for me wednesday.)


Fiddledeedee said...

My son is covered in eczema. He suffers from Atopic Dermatitis. I will look into this oil. We've tried everything on him.

We've had great success with Spectrum Organic Vegetable Shortening. Not even kidding. It's simply pressed palm oil. I like to call it The Lard. Because I'm 7. :)

Unknown said...

Oh that's funny! Emu oil...interesting.

Unknown said...

Thanks for the link to that website! I do need more durable bags for our big grocery trips. I don't like carrying in a dozen of the smaller ones.

Sarah @ Mum In Bloom said...

Wonderful tip! I use Emu Oil Shampoo, conditioner, (I have very thick, coarse curly hair) hand soap, body wash and lots more. I buy it from a local farmer http://www.4dacresemuoil.com/

Penny said...

I've heard it is really good. :) Emu's make booming noises.

bethany said...

im not feelin so vegan these days either. virtually impossible in guatemala. plus, eggs here are both a staple and delicious :) (thought youd like that)

Kelly Miller said...

I am finding some bird oil pronto!

Anonymous said...

I have been on all ends of the spectrum with the emu's. From raising, to slaughtering to rendering the fat to make the oil, to selling it and to using it. I have to say, my granddaughter has eczema she will not let her mommy put anything on her but emu oil. All the other ones 'burn' her skin. I do know that Tulane University was using it about 10 yrs ago with isotopes in their dental studies. Because it is a natural anti-inflamitory, it reduces the swelling and it was found to penetrate faster than anything on the market to carry those isotopes down to the bone. Now that's AWESOME!!!!!

Mrs. Small House said...

In college we went to visit an emu ranch. I got hooked on the oil and used it for sunburns, itches, and everything. Then I moved and forgot about emu oil. Now both of my kids have eczema and I haven't even thought about it til I came across this. I am gonna order some. I know it will work! Thanks!!

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