food, shelter, and what was that last one?

after dropping dylan off at the neighbors, i was feeling pretty pleased with myself that i was going to be on time for james' well-child exam.

having only one kid meant i could trade the bulky diaper bag for my smaller purse.  it was a little warmer today, so i planned to carry him in his sling, forgoing the bulky carseat that i hate lugging around.

with james on my chest and my purse over my shoulder, i felt downright light walking into the doctor's office.

a little too light as it turned out.

i got into the office and began undressing him.  the nurse began the barrage of questions that make a mama feel alternately good (yes, he's grasping, yes, he's sleeping in his own bed, yes, he sits up assisted); guity (no, i don't know infant cpr); and a little defensive (of course my husband's rifle is locked.)

then i made an unpleasant discovery: 

james' diaper had exploded up his back and through his outfit and blanket, and i'd neglected to bring a change of clothes in the little purse i was so glad to be carrying moments before.


the nurse found a baby hospital gown to wrap james in after his exam.  it didn't seem like the warmest thing to wear out of the office, so i had to leave james with her while i ran to get the carseat.

i then strapped my bare-legged, barefoot baby into his carseat wearing nothing but the tie-on gown and a knit apple hat.  at least james' carseat had a wooly blanket to zipper around him like a little sleeping bag.

i'm fairly certain i got a big "unprepared" for today's exam.

at least two out of three of my child's basic needs were met today.  it would be a fantastic batting average.  i wonder if the nurse made a note of that in her question database...

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Kelly Miller said...

Oh noes! At least the nurse was helpful. Wait until James is all grown up and you regale him with stories about that time he pooped himself right out of his clothes. ;)

Debbie said...

I hate those exploding diaper episodes! At least the nurse had a little something to help you out. I think we've all been there:)

michelle said...

that's ALWAYS me. i never wanted to carry extra sets of clothes when eli and pip were babies because it gets so...bulky. pooping up the back, then peeing down the pants...yup, it's years before you can really pack light :)

Amy from Occupation: Mommy said...

Oh, no! The poop-up-the-back trick! Georgia was one of those babies who only used to poop once a week, so I have definitely been there! I wish you would've taken a picture of James in his paper gown :)

Becky said...

Oh, dear! These things happen! :-)

Penny said...

oh boys - yes that has been me too. ;) Picture me trying to conduct a question/answer with a local city council rep about our land with Lydia leaking poop everywhere. I ended up wrapping her in a cloth diaper square.

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