happy winter

when i was little, one of my favorite books was happy winter by karen gundersheimer.  my copy disappeared, but happily, my mom found another at a used book store, and now it's one of dylan's favorites, too. 

it's a delightful story about two sisters and snowy day at home spent making snow angels, drinking cocoa, playing make-believe, making art projects, reading, and baking with mom.  a perfect snowy day.

what a treat to snuggle under blankets with my favorite girl, reading the sing-song poetry and taking in the adorable illustrations.

it is out of print, but if you come across a copy, snatch it up!  it is such a wonderful children's book.

dylan usually requests "read happy winter!" but sometimes, confusing the title with what was her halloween greeting, requests "happyWEEN!"  which is pretty funny.

as is this picture.  james smiles ALL THE TIME, and yet i can't seem to get it on film.

what i did get is this:  dylan doing, what she refers to as "Jesus' mommy."  so there you go.

today i led a MOPS bible study.  dylan could have gone with the bigger kids, but she told the child care workers she wanted to stay with james, so she did.  she is so great with him--kind and tender.  my two little blessings.


Kay Aker said...

You just may have the world's cutest kids!

Unknown said...

Awesome! They are so precious, I can't wait to see you guys and hug my niece and nephew! Is the "Jesus Mommy" from the Nativity when you guys were dressed up? or totally random?

Liz said...

you have the cutest kids ever... love the Jesus mommy

Heather said...

Your kids are adorable! James is so lucky to have such a fabulous big sister!

Jenney said...

I LOVE "Jesus' Mommy". That is so cute! I love that you have a childhood favorite book to share with your kids, those are the best!

michelle said...

those are some beautiful kids you got there :)

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