i know i shouldn't encourage this kind of thing with photos...

...but i couldn't help myself;)

the local schools have been out all week.  jim is still gone, (but he should be home tonight.)  most everything i'd plan to keep us busy got cancelled, but i'm not feeling as stir-crazy as i thought i would.

before more snow fell on tuesday i took the kids to the library to stock up.  i was a little nervous having both kids there by myself in the snow, but james slept in his sling, and i didn't have to carry that crazy heavy carseat around.  dylan was well behaved, so i took her to get a treat at the bakery after dumping our book tote in the car.

dylan took my hand and we stomped around happily amid the snow flakes that were falling fast.

we each picked out something when i realized my wallet was in the car.  i told them i'd be right back, and they graciously said not to worry about it, and that i could pay my next time in.

"don't worry about it.  we know you; you're in here all the time."


our neighbor nikki came over yesterday to take dylan out to play in the snow.  i was so thankful, since i wasn't really about to bundle james up in the snow.

in the second picture you can get a sense of how big these drifts are.  the snow is really much too deep for dylan to really play in.  i think they mostly just flopped around:)  and then we all had hot chocolate.

other neighbors had us over for a wonderful dinner last night. i wished i'd had my camera with me. their eight year old son loves babies, and he couldn't have been happier to sit and hold james, who smiled contently right back. they were both so cute!

seven days after the first big snow fell, it is still snowing, and we're supposed to get 6-8 more inches monday. this is getting a little ridiculous!

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