7 days of school
1 play date
2 lunches
1 MOPS meeting
1 shrove tuesday pancake dinner
1 ash wednesday service
1 steering team meeting

All Cancelled

it started snowing on friday february 5


for the love

i don't remember the last time i exercised
i just keep baking
and eating

i went to aldi's today
and got bloodwork done at the hospital
and i almost peed my pants i was so happy to be out of the house

i know it's lame to complain about the weather
i mean, it IS winter and all

i'm thankful to have a warm house
and a bed
and two sweet kids to cuddle up with

but i am SO looking forward to spring


lauren debo said...

you guys in PA def. have gotten it bad. they stinks when so many things you look forward to get canceled.

february is almost over, right? ;-D
i def. am looking forward to spring.

Jenney said...

Send it my way, I'm afraid as long as it is before Easter, I'll take all the snow God wants to dish out.

And what is is about being snowed in that one wants to bake? Last week I made bread, muffins, and coffee cake. That was like a month of baking in 2 days!

Liz said...

I feel your pain. My kids were out from Feb 5 until Feb 15 (SW PA) and I was running out of steam myself. We are still playing catch up. I hope we don't get much more snow this winter. I am ready for spring.

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