in the week since i've written anything here, i celebrated turning 30, spent a wonderful weekend with family who drove out from philly, and traveled back east to spend some much-needed sister time.

i can't even begin to express how good it was to be with tiffany and bethany.  tiff now has two chemo treatments under her (tiny) belt, and even though it is an unimaginable nightmare, she is so strong.  strong and beautiful: the woman can rock a boho head scarf like nobody's business:)

we're doing the race for the cure on may 9, and the team is called breastfix at tiffany's.  my goal was to raise $800, and due to the incredible generosity of friends and family, i've already met my goal, above and beyond!  if anyone is still inclined to give, would you please donate to tiffany, who is walking, too?  check out her pledge page here.

in the midst of so many more important things, stressing about entering my thirties wasn't really on my radar.  while 30 certainly sounds a lot older than 29, working with high school and college students has made me aware of the increasing age gap for a while now.  plus, i've got two kids:  the illusion of my eternal youth has been fading for quite some time;)

i should be embarassed to admit this, but i've been watching mtv's the real world on demand. (seriously, why?)  the last time i watched i think i was in high school; it was the london season, and the cast members seemed grown up.  (the oldest was maybe 22.)  now it's a whole cast of straight up babies who haven't entered the workforce.  they are children to me.

my sister bethany went out for a drink while she was here.  bethany is just 24, and while she was carded, i was not.  but really, who cares?  i'm all for letting go of the insecurity of my twenties.  let's hear it for wisdom and womanhood, quiet confidence, and maybe even homeownership.

...but not in the suburbs;)

photo:  love is dope


Misty said...

oh, friend!!! cant remember if i wished you happy bday, but if not, happy belated! i, too, will be 30 this year, but i'm really looking forward to it! i've actually said for ages i cant wait to be 30, and the reason is exactly what you mentioned.... the wisdom and having "arrived" (ha!) that seems inherent in the older than 20 set!!! i, too, have had to long ago forget about eternal youth; after all, i've had gray hair since i was 16 lol! and having 3 little tagalongs sure makes me older by default! i had my omg i'm old moment when i visisted my alma mater where a friend worked and i realized not one of the students would actually mistake me for a fellow student. that made me start for a moment, lol.
ok duh now that i've written a novel.... i hope you are well and i'm so happy that your sis seems to be well and courageous. that's awesome about raising support!

Misty said...

me again... i somehow didn't have my blog configured to get emails when ppl commented.... yay! you've been by! thank you... it IS nice to have 'my voice' back!

michelle said...

yeah, let's hear it for wisdom, womanhood, and quiet confidence! heck yes.
i've always secretly wanted to be older. which is funny. i think it's because i've always looked younger than i am, which is really annoying when you're 20 and you look 12.
i'm 2-7 and approaching 2-8, so i am really curious to know what 3-0 will feel like. each year should be embraced, though, so way to go!

Amy from Occupation: Mommy said...

Happy birthday! I can NOT believe that Bethany is 24. How is that Possible??

Kelly Miller said...

Happy belated birthday!

I have to tell you this past season of the Real World is the first I've watched in years ... and I really enjoyed it. Is it just me or did these kids seem more mature and talented than the "let's hook up and fight" casts of seasons past?

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