heart melter

dylan:  let's read a library book.

me:  daddy took you to the library?

d:  yeah!

m:  he's a good daddy.

d:  you're a good mommy, mommy.

oh.  my.  goodness.  i want to remember that conversation forever, especially during those pull-my-hair-out moments of absolute parental frustration.

dylan has been a little, shall we say, difficult for a while now.  we've been cooped up indoors for months, her little brother has been occupying my hands and time, and she's 2:  it's not exactly a recipe for perfect toddler behavior.

dylan and jim had a wonderful time together while james and i were away.  undivided attention from her daddy and lots of time outside in the garden have have been transformational:  suddenly our sweet baby girl is back!  we've had a perfectly lovely few days, full of giggles, cuddles, kisses, compliance, good eating, and family time.  what a blessing.


TAMI said...

Last Thursday my 13 year old daughter said her favorite thing about me was that I discipline her. (Of course, I thought she was joking.) But then she went on to clarify, "No, really mom. I don't want to be a snotty person. Your discipline helps me be better."
Holy cow -- I want to remember that forever too!

One-on-one time really can make all the difference. So glad Dylan and her daddy got a good helping of it!

Unknown said...

That is so wonderful and what a treat for you too ;) It truly is amazing what a little one-on-one time can do. Ristow is a different child when one of us takes special time to be alone with him and make him feel important. Babies can be consuming and I bet it can be hard sometimes on the older ones. Glad to hear she is back to her wonderful loving self! Give her a hug from her Aunt Christie. Love you guys!

Jenney said...

I think being outside in the spring brings out the best in all of us!

Glad you got one of those "mommy momnents" together :o)

Penny said...

it is always nice to have their little affirmations :)

Kelly Miller said...

Alone time with daddy is precious. I love hearing sweet little words from my kids, especially when they come as a surprise.

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