here a baah, there a baah

back in september, while we were on vacation, we visited a winery.  we saw in their pictures that they had sheep on site and asked if we could show dylan.

yes, we took our toddler to a winery.  also it was ten AM, and i was eight months pregnant.  none of that is point of this story.

dylan was still kind of bite-size back then.  see, no hair.  do you like how jim basically managed to crop me out of this picture?

anyway, the sheep were housed in a picturesque stone structure that was easily one hundred years old.  despite the quaint digs, they were the dirtiest sheep you have ever laid eyes on.  their shaggy wool was filthy and gray, and their hay was exceptionally grungey.  they were bedded down when we got there, but then all ten or so of them got up at once and took turns peeing all over everything.

they peed like pint-sized race horses.

they peed in tandem.

they peed on their stone wall.

they peed on each other.

they peed on any romantic notion we had about a bucolic excursion with our toddler.

it was like nothing any of us had ever seen.  we stood there kind of awestruck, not knowing quite what to do or say.

apparently, it left quite an impression on dylan, because to this day she still brings it up.

we got this creepy/awesome book out of the library where all these figures are constructed out of vegetables.  we got to the number 10 page and started to count the sheep, like we'd counted the other figures.

dylan was a little too excited to count.

"sheep peeing!  sheep go potty!"

yes, baby, ten sheep go potty.  yes they did.

(photo:  saxton freymann)


Mary Ann Hartzell said...

That's really funny :0)

Amy from Occupation: Mommy said...

ha ha ha HA HA ha ha ha ha That is hilarious! Do you think the sheep will help her get potty trained?

Don't you just love what sticks in their minds?

Penny said...


coming from a country where sheep outnumbered people for a good part of last century I can say that
a) sheep wool isn't perfectly white, even when they're running round in the paddock
b)you don't eat raisins when picniking in a sheep paddock

Libby said...


Jake says "baa" now whenever he sees a sheep, a picture of a sheep, or anything he thinks is a sheep (which is a wide variety of things).

Stef said...

hahahahahaha that made me laugh for a long time...mostly because i would totally be talking about the peeing sheep, too! i'm glad dylan and i have the same sense of humor.

pinkdaisyjane said...

I really needed that laugh today! Thank you!

Kelly Miller said...

That would've creeped me out. Also, those veggie sheep are slightly psycho.

And Dylan is too smart!

Dorothy said...

This had me laughing out loud. It's funny the memories and associations that stick. Since our trip to the farm in Iowa back in December,whenever Liam sees snow, he expects to see cows, too.

Kristi {at} Live and Love...Out Loud said...

That's hilarious! How funny that your little girl remembered the peeing incident too!
Thank you so much for stopping by and commenting on my blog. I'd love for you to come back again. Have a great day!

Kristi, Live and Love...Out Loud

Katie Jones said...

"they peed on any romantic notion we had about a bucolic excursion with our toddler."


Deere Driver said...

I'm going to have a word with the goats before you visit...

Jenney said...

I am trying to be really quiet while reading this....because it is 4:30 am...and everyone else is sleeping...but that is SO funny.

Lisa Lockwood said...

that sounds a little like our trip to the zoo in DC with the monkey poop. What is it with you Paul's and animal defecation?

Misty said...

i cant believe i'm only now seeing this. b/cs this? is SO funny! and also why we have boys. my husband can't wait to be that dad w/ that kid at the zoo who wants to know what the animals are doing (nudge, nudge) or seeing them pee/poo. he still laughs out loud at that stuff. and seeing those cauliflower sheep had me giggling, too. oh my goodness, this is great!

pinkdaisyjane said...

It's even funnier a year and a half later. Whew!

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