in like a lion

the snow drifts off of our deck are as high as my shoulders.  i basically have to wade through a snow canal to get to the car, and hoisting the carseat up over the drifts is getting a little ridiculous.  it's march.  you could lose a child in there!  (not that dylan seems to mind.)
in january, i bought cute winter boots with christmas money, and it's hard to believe that i was initially disappointed to be getting them so late in the season.  i worried i might not get good use out of them until next year. 

i've worn them every. single. day. 

except on those days i don't leave my house at all, (which, let's be honest, are about half).  on those days, i wear my ginormous, toasty down booties.  (looking up "down booties" on amazon yields lots of appropriate footwear options alongs with several less appropriate items...) 

Sierra Designs Classic Down Booties for Women - Cerulian Blue - Sthey are not attractive:  they resemble moon boots or cookie monster's giant feet.  down booties are made for wearing around a snowy base camp, but they are just as good for keeping warm in a drafty house.  i loved mine so much i may or may not have worn them out in public, too, while singing "c is for cookie."  i've worn them so much that i wore out the bottoms.

jim and i have an ongoing disagreement over which is worse: being hot or cold. he hates the heat so much he creates magnetic poetry like:

pray for a winter that is cold gray and dark


i only want cold ice today

those little gems appeared on our fridge IN JULY.

i say being cold is totally worse.  if i'm hot, i can always get wet and feel better, but when i'm cold, sometimes i just can't get warm, no matter how many layers or blankets i pile on.

even though i hate being cold, my crunchy self can't bear to turn up the heat.  down booties are my trick for keeping warm while keeping the thermostat low.  my booties, plus a warm blanket and a cup of tea is perfection:)

which do you think is worse, extreme heat or cold?  how do you like to stay warm on a wintry day?

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Katie Jones said...

I am most definitely with Jim on this one. Sometimes a splash of water won't do it for me on a hot day, and you can (or...should) only take off so much clothing. And you don't have to sweat when you're cold. Plus, I have an (at least 12 pair) obsession with fuzzy socks.

So go ahead and put a tally next to Jim's beautiful magnetic poetry. ;)

Meghan Adams said...

I think I'm with Jim too--I feel like I can always always always put on more clothing and get toasty--the only downside is that mobility is not really an option and people could mistake you for the stay puft marshmellow man--but hey--in this weather who really cares??

Jonie said...

Oh, give me the heat of summer ANYTIME - I wasn't born in July for nothing! for now, a nice cup of tea, sheepskin on my feet & a few cats on my lap does the trick : )

Jenney said...

No, you are right. I love heat, can't get enough heat. Winter makes me literally HURT. Our thermostat stays right at 64 because otherwise we can't afford to pay our heat bill. I can't wait for sunshine and warm.
*my husband hates heat...and I am so glad that the same bill applies to the AC or else he'd have it set at 64 all summer too!

Penny said...

The thing about cold is that you can put more clothes on. There are only so many things you can take off in the heat before the neighbours run screaming in the other direction.
So on the whole I find cold easier to deal with. We've had some 100% humidity days here which means even if you do take a shower the water won't evaporate to make you feel cold.
I do love the summer but dislike the humidity we get.

K said...

I'm picturing you stomping in your booties and singing the cookie monster song in the cookie monster voice. And now I'm laughing.

Kelly Miller said...

If it has to be extreme, I'll take cold. At least you can heap on the blankets and snuggle for warmth.

Honestly, I prefer a nice balance. My favorite season is on its way: SPRING!

ash said...

I move south to beat the cold!!! I LOVE heat and LOVE South Carolina spring, summer and fall... Hate winter of any kind. I love that spring starts here in March... already our trees are budding and flowers are starting to pop out!!! And it lasts through May with cherry blossoms and then summer we have beautiful crepe myrtles and spanish moss... ahhh, the south lures me in! then fall hosts bright reds and yellows right at Thanksgiving, which to me is perfection!

Yeah, the south... the only way to go for me!!!

Love you... thinking about all the cold days and nights i spent in that drafty old farm house from 13 to 18!!!! Feeling your cold pain!

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