i love waterparks.  love.  i used to take students when i did youth ministry, and the summer we moved here i was deeply disappointed because i'd planned to get a season pass to sandcastle and water slide to my little heart's content.

alas, it was not to be.

i hadn't ridden a water slide in ages, but this weekend, we met up with jim's family for a sweet awesome time at an indoor waterpark in cincinnati.

what a way to spend a snowy late-winter weekend!

it was the halfway point between here and nashville, where jim's parents and sister's family live.  they had a baby soon after we had james, and though grammy and poppy were here for the birth and at christmas, we hadn't all been together or met each other's newest additions.

much fun was had.  the great wolf lodge was huge.  it had tons of slides and pools, a lazy river, wave pool, and even slides that dylan could ride.  i'd show you pictures but i dropped my camera in the pool.


other than that, it was a fantastic weekend. good time with extended family, invaluable one-on-one time with dylan, a much-needed break from the winter blahs, and super-fun waterslides.

the best:)


Kelly Miller said...

I love a waterslide (except for the wedgie at the end). We have a waterpark about an hour from us ... definitely on the summertime agenda.

Penny said...

oh noes! Poor camera went for a swim :(

Jenney said...

You were about 30 minutes from our house!!!! We've never been there but we have heard great things.

Mary Ann Hartzell said...

Would you like me to bring ur old camera back? I still have my olympus I could use. So glad u got a get away--u were so due!

Dorothy said...

I love water parks, too. I lifeguarded at a huge one in San Diego for 4 summers. It was the best job I ever had (except for raising kids, of course...). If we're ever in Ohio, we'll have to check this one out.

I'm glad you had a fun weekend.

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