are you watching glee?

you should be.  seriously, go to hulu right now and catch up.  or watch tuesdays (tonight!) on fox.

i tend to like the shows that get cancelled.  the ones everybody loves--dancing with the stars, american idol, serials about murdered people, lost---not so much.  it's fun to be on the bandwagon for once.

i just discovered the nbc show parenthood and have been enjoying that as well.  i like comedies like 30 rock or how i met you mother, but i don't get into them the same way.  i really like hour-long scripted shows where you get attached to the characters and storylines.  or the singing and foolishness;)

tell me, is there anything else worth watching on tv?

imageglee cast singing madonna's "like a virgin."  epic.


pinkdaisyjane said...

I am a Gleek. When no one else is here I sing and dance along. There. I've admitted it.

Kelly Miller said...

Gleek #2 over here. Love it!

I'm also a fan of Modern Family. It makes me literally laugh out loud every time.

Libby said...

We're watching Parenthood right now :)

The Office is really the only show I really care about though.

Stef said...

you know, i wasn't into glee until last week when i caught a full episode. it was one of those shows that i caught clips of, and thought to myself "you might like this!" but then i never followed through. but after last week, i'm pretty sure i'm hooked.

thanks for your words of encouragement; they're very welcome! and i'll keep you posed on the twitter thing, haha.

Ashley said...

I have recently taken over the tv for one hour a week... It's really the only tv I watch as Grams generally leaves it on Lifetime and Lifetime makes me sick.

Doctor Who series 5 finally premiered on BBC America and I'm loving Matt Smith as The Doctor. Probably because it's like watching my personality on the tv, but in the body of a man with a cool accent and bowtie.

I loved David Tennant as ten (tenth doctor), but I'm sooo loving Matt Smith's eleven!

Misty said...

love it. also enjoying parenthood and i love the office. i used to watch all the csi an l&o type shows, but then i realized A) i was dvr-ing them all the time and B) b/cs i'd watch them the next day or so, my kids would get far more glimpses of violence than i wanted them to. when i realized if they were watching it that meant i was, too, so i quit watching anything w/ violence in it. and am so happy i did!! however i'm also a biggest loser fan. this is my last season tho. :)

Blogless A.R. said...

Love Glee and 30 Rock. Mythbusters and Deadliest Catch are also faves, and our new habit is Pawn Stars. :-)

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