off the grid

so...we had the crazy thunderstorm on friday.  it knocked a bunch of huge evergreen trees down around our house and made the yard look like some kind of crazy jungle.

thankfully none fell on the house, but it was really close. it could have been so much scarier.

the live power lines that fell?  not my favorite.  a team was there today cutting up trees, and supposedly the power company is coming by, hopefully to reattach lines.

it may be spring, but it gets chilly indoors the shade! we put the little ones to bed in hats.  maybe it's a good thing we have less shade these days then, huh?


  1. i'm glad you are safe as well and that it is only some shade you're missing. and i know what you mean (i mean, sorta) b/cs last couple of days here in texas have been not balmy but breezy and chilly... it's taken much willpower to not turn on the heater!!!

  2. Yikes! I, too, am glad nothing was damaged 'cept the trees. I hope they get it all sorted out quickly!


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