the one where i actually have plans

raising two tiny people means my hands are always full and completing any sort of task is a feat, but i wouldn't really call myself busy.  i have few commitments that don't involve feeding or diapering others,  and my social calendar isn't exactly brimming.

but when it rains, it pours.  sometimes literally.

the crazy storm that knocked out our power also was the catalyst for three dinner invitations and a lunch with friends.  so lovely.

i drove down for DC (with james) for an engagement party and a whirlwind overnight visit with dear college roommates.

next came a MOPS girls' night, an elegant dinner out with a girl friend, a wonderful trip to the zoo with a friend and her son, plus le leche league, MOPS, and story hour at the library thrown in for good measure.

i like being a social butterfly.  i like have conversations with people over the age of two.

and i like nights in with jim (and free blockbuster express rentals:  promo code  G614A.)

happy weekend to you and a night in for me:)


pinkdaisyjane said...

I love that kind of raining/pouring. Yay for quality girlfriend time... and free video rentals. :)

Kelly Miller said...

Seems few and far between when I get girl time w/o a kid around. Love those quiet nights in, though.

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