robeez baby shoes giveaway

i love baby shoes. L-O-V-E.  especially sweet little soft-soled baby moccasins.  jim hates them.  he doesn't understand why anyone would dress a baby in shoes.

um, because they're adorable.  does there really need to be another reason?

continue reading over at so much shouting, so much laughter reviews, where you can enter to win a pair of Robeez baby shoes from CSN, a collection of 200 online stores carrying everything from furniture to toys and speaker stands.

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erinlyn said...

I love the robeez that you have picked out for James. These are the best shoes. We have gone through several pairs with our children. Peyton has finally out grown them and Drew is still wearing them. They are my favorite because they stay on their feet and they are hard for them to take off. Thanks for sharing. Erin

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