six months

check out my big boy sitting in the high chair eating.  james has enjoyed bananas, avocado, squash, sweet potatoes, and apple sauce.  he's rolling over like a champ and putting everything in his mouth.  i imagine he'll have a few teeth before long.

james is such a happy kid, and he thinks everything dylan does is hysterical.  aren't baby laughs the best thing ever?  and siblings getting along?  priceless:)

this pic isn't the greatest, but i like it because that big open mouth smile is pretty representative of my little man. 

(anyone see that episode of the bachelor where the southern one who had a kid described him as "MAI lil' MAY-annn"?  no?  just me and jim?  well, we thought it was funny:)

what you can't see here are james' big, heart-melting baby blues.  and the child sleeps!  praise the Lord Jesus, he sleeps.

james is a little tank.  i don't know what he weighs, but he's a big boy and is wearing size 9 and 12 months (and the same diapers as dylan.)  we've received so many beautiful hand-me-downs that he is good to go for a while.

six months old.  i know it's cliche, but my goodness, it goes by fast.


Cheryl D. said...

Hi! I'm just popping by via the UBP! I know, it ended ages ago, but I can't top partying! You have a beautiful family!

pinkdaisyjane said...

What a sweet little man! I think he might be bigger than my 10 month old Bean! :)

I am so enjoying my two laughing at each other. Today they shared a snack, and like James, Bean thinks everything that Luke does is hilarious. I pray they always make each other laugh!

Thank you for sharing him with us!

Unknown said...

What a fun picture. Wish I could come and hug him. Siblings are definitely great to watch. If Ristow or Jess is in a grumpy mood, all Ris has to do is look at her and pretty soon they are both giggling. It is great.
Jess has started on cereal but I know she is itching for more, so different from when Ristow was a baby. Glad James is doing so well.

Kelly Miller said...

That smile is awesome!

Penny said...

six months is a great milestone :) And its so fun to watch the sibs interact when they're being nice to each other.

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