what about breastfix at tiffany's?

the race for the cure is coming up, and i wanted to say a big THANK YOU to all the people who have donated to the fight to end breast cancer.  i set out to raise $800, and with your help, i've actually raised $1230.  our team (breastfix at tiffany's) has raised over $9,120 to aid breast cancer research, education, advocacy, and finding a cure.

thanks to everyone for your kindness, love, prayer, support, and generosity.  tiffany is strong, beautiful, and halfway through chemo!  continued prayers are a tremendous blessing.

my all-star donors:
melissa and ed
laurie and bill
liz and tony
dann and nancy
kristin and mike
jonie and greg
mick and cindy
coco and brian
rex and georgia
dave and peggy
janet and jay
mary ann and glenn
rob and teri
steve and janice
skip and elisa
lisa and ray
wayne and lynda
dawn/mommy gear

if you'd like to give, you can still donate online at the pledge page.  it would be awesome if our team could reach $10,000!  if you live in the philadelphia area, it's not to late to join our team and walk.  you know you want an audrey hepburn breastfix at tiffany's tee;)

i can't wait for may 9th!

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