the good, the bad, and the tasty

i tried to get into LOST back in season one, but i was never really feeling it. the thing is, i really wanted this guy

to be charlie salinger, from party of five,

and that was just never gonna happen.

then, i wanted this guy

to be assistant FBI director kendall, from alias, the j.j. abrams show that i truly loved.

i also gave the old college try to j.j. abrams' fringe, but again, this guy, while handsome,

is no pacey whitter.

sci fi and fantasy are not really my bag.  drama, teen romance, and ass-kicking heroines?  now we're talking.  party of five, dawson's creek, and alias:  i miss you.

my true fave, which combined all three, along with razor sharp banter, was veronica mars.

i never even bothered trying to get into that other j.j. abrams creation, heroes, even though my bestie, kristen bell played a role there.  in my heart, i knew better.

i've determined that it's really silly to try to get hooked on any tv show that i don't like right of the bat, even if other people love it.  a book, maybe, but it's not like cultivating a more nuanced television viewing diet is something i need to aspire to.  if anything, i need to watch less tv.

i feel the same way about beer.  i don't like it.  i wish i did, and sometimes i feel a little left out.  i understand it's an acquired taste, but aquiring it is just not on my to-do list.  i'm happy to spend my money and calories on something else.  like these.  mmmmm.

image:  winglessdog


Beth said...

i agree on all accounts. lost never even interested me and neither do most sci-fi shows. i will say that Heroes season 1 and 2 were pretty decent, but give up on the ones that follow even if you end up liking those. it gets way too dark and twisty. i hear ya on the beer thing too, i'd way rather have a mike's or any form of baked good :)

pinkdaisyjane said...

Give me cookies or give me Glee.

Katie Jones said...

Mmm, yeah, not a Lost fan either. I don't give most shows a fair try, and it was not an intentional move for me to fall in love with Bones. I do like (foreign) beer, though, so that makes up for everything and more probably.

Jenney said...

I so agree with you. I if I have to learn to like it, forget it.

And I LOVED Dawson's Creek. It was my secret vice. But I wasn't that into Pacey. Dawson, oh yeah (and he's on some hospital show on NBC now...and it isn't that great)

Misty said...

oh, same here! well except that i have never seen (or desired to) any of your fave shows! :) and i also am not interested in cultivating wine or beer likings. definitely give me the cookies instead!!!!
and your friend w/ the glee comment? right on!

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