i love...

...soft, chubby baby legs james' fuzzy blond hair stands straight up after a bath. 

...the yummy smell of burts' bees on his skin

...those baby blues

...that smile!

...when he blows raspberries or shrieks like a baby dinosaur

...the mennonite grocery store where i got this adorable hat for D.  jim thinks she looks like a little fundamentalist in it, but i say not combined with this sweet little tank dress;)

...finally getting back to the ymca.  one upside to living in a town full of elderly folks is that our Y is about the least intimidating place in the entire world to work out.  God knows how many gym hours i need to log before my arms are firm and my old jeans fit nicely, but i'm already a hot young thing at the Y;) ymca childcare.  the downside is that they don't change diapers, so i got paged about two minutes after i finished my warm up.  loading up the stroller, actually getting there, and checking in two kids eats up a lot of time, so after the diaper change, we just left to avoid the parking ticket.  our meter still had 20 minutes, so we went to the bakery and got two chocolate chip cookies (for ninety cents altogether!)  i probably didn't even burn enough calories on the elliptical to cover it, but whatever.  maybe next week dylan won't take a huge dump at childcare.  (who am i kidding? of course one of them will.  maybe we'll just skip the cookie;)

...quick dry nail polish.  how did i not know about this before?  i love having cute painted toes.  at least something about me is "done."

...the blockbuster kiosk that went in at the gas station down the road.  you can rent online, which is so easy, and with coupon codes from this blog, i don't think i've paid for a movie yet.

...junior and senior high kids.  this is the first year (since i was in highs school myself) that i'm not involved with a local youth ministry, and i miss it.  this week, i got a little fix when i sat on a panel for "doubt night."  it was good to back. leche league.  i am getting to know such great women, and i am so excited about starting the process of becoming a leader.

...our farmers' market, which opened this morning.  there is not a lot in season yet, but we got rhubarb, cheddar, and spiced blueberry/peach jam.

...the enrico biscotti company.  they are based in the pittsburgh's strip district, and they set up a booth at the market and sell delicious pastries.  they make me miss the city, and they make me smile, since that scott baio movie, a wedding for bella, was filmed there:)

not loving?  the near-constant rain that has been hanging around all month, that MOPS ended and there is one less thing to get us out of the house, and the fact that james stopped sleeping through the night.

but all in all, we're doing all right here, and we're enjoying our chickens:

happy weekend to you!


Trisha said...

James looks SO much like you in this picture!

Ashley said...


Mary Ann Hartzell said...

Happy weekend to you, you "hot young thing" :o) ! I love the picture of Dylan walking with the chickens and James flashing those gorgeous baby blues. Thanks for posting!

Libby said...

Dylan's hat is adorable!

pinkdaisyjane said...

I want chickens... and a chocolate chip cookie!

pinkdaisyjane said...

... this post! <3

Penny said...

Heh heh cute hat, and yeah, the sun dress belies the fundamentalist thing ;P

Go you with the gym! I've had a bad cold/cough and sinus pain this past 2 weeks so my running has been non existent. Really want to get back to it but my teeth still hurt.

Dylan is looking super cute!

Debbie said...

Congrats on becoming a LLL leader. I was one for years and really enjoyed it. You will meet great people and make a difference.

Kelly Irene said...

i love this post :) Your kiddos are so cute! Adeline has a similar hat my mom gave her from an Amish store. Congrats on becoming a LLL leader!

Misty said...

that's so funny that you get to be unintimidated at the gym! i would so be!!
also, awesome that you are gonna be an LLL leader! so cool!

Christy said...

I love photos of adorable babies. thanks for the smile!

Hyacynth said...

Because I'm all sorts of weepy tonight, I heeded your warning about today's post and came to this one instead. And I'm so glad I did because I smiled so big after looking at your cutie and then laughed at
the fundamentalist hat! Good stuff.
Also, I big fat love LLL, too. :)

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