when organic matters most: EWG's dirty dozen

maybe in a perfect world we'd all eat local, seasonal, organic food, but the reality is that price can be prohibitive. the environmental working group just released its updated "dirty dozen" list, a helpful tool that details which fruits and veggies are most contaminated by pesticides and which ones are okay to eat conventionally--helping shoppers know when it's most important to spring for organic.  (some of the worst offenders:  berries, stone fruits, apples, and spinach.)  you can click above to download their list, print it out, and keep it in your wallet for reference.

yes, organic produce can be expensive, but i'm learning that if you compare it to boxed granola bars and frozen pizza, it's a bargain.  many of us have wiggle room in our grocery budgets if we cut back on packaged, processed "food."

that photo is making me long for summer gardens and farmers' markets.  don't fresh, organic carrots look so much better than creepy, unnaturally whittled-down baby carrots?

it is gorgeous here in western pennsylvania.  i hope you are enjoying a lovely may day and celebrating properly:  dancing 'round a maypole or rallying for worker's rights--whichever tickles your fancy;)

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1 comment:

Kelly Miller said...

I need to tattoo that list to my body. I always forget when I'm standing there in an aisle or at a market trying to make the best decision.

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