it's been one of those weeks.

dylan was sick tuesday, wednesday, and thursday from those blasted immunizations, and james pretty much stopped sleeping about that same time.

we broke our little mild child.

the baby that never cried and was easy to put to bed?  not anymore.

he's teething, and i know it won't be like this forever, but OH MY GOODNESS, this has been the hardest week on record since dylan was a baby.

(that child truly never slept--for eighteen long months.)

apparently, we broke her, too, because dylan's been a wreck, skipping naps and fighting sleep.

last night, both kids went down just before 8.  at 9:30, dylan was still calling out, and james didn't actually fall asleep until 10.

thank God jim's parents have been here, entertaining dylan and james and getting jim and me an elegant date night away, or i think i truly would have had a break down.

did i mention that camp is starting tomorrow (along with jim's three-weeks-no-breaks-orientation?)  or that we were hosting a massive memorial day cook-out today?

again, thank God jim's parents were here, and all-too-briefly-but-wonderfully, my sister bethany and her boyfriend jerrod.  they all provided sanity-saving grown-up/family time, played with the kids, and helped ready a house that was not at all company-worthy.

today, we actually seemed to turn a corner.  both kids took nice, long naps; the forecasted thunderstorms held off (for the most part); 99(!) people ate and talked and played here together; and both my kids were asleep by nine.

put that in the "win" column:)

after a season that has been rather isolating, it was wonderful having so many friends here, many of whom we're just beginning to know.  summer staff are beginning to arrive, and dylan is in her glory.  last year, she learned the names of probably 50 people on staff, and she talked about many throughout the year.  now that lots of staff are returning, dylan is thrilled.

here's to food, family, friends, and starting a fantastic summer of ministry.


Penny said...

oh boys. I hope the Sleep Fairy sticks around your house.

Kelly Miller said...

It truly takes a village. I'm so glad you have one to help you get through this stage (which will, hopefully, be short)!

Kirsten Oliphant said...

So, we aren't the only ones struggling with sleep?? Man, my parenting is only good as long as my sleep is, as I've realized the hard way. Hope it gets better soon! Thanks for your encouragement as well! :)

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