find the good and praise God

"find the good and praise it."  that was the message at our baccalaureate service, and eight years after graduation, i still remember the charge.

yet somehow, it is still so easy to forget.

i neglect the work of cultivating thankfulness.  i complain and dwell on frustration and disappointment.  i choose bitterness over joy.

forgive me, Lord, for my idol of self and for withholding praise.

even in the midst of a season that overwhelms and tries my patience, God is good and gracious and generous beyond measure.

just like you've always been.  give me eyes to see, and open my lips that i may return thanks.  renew a right spirit within me.

"Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows."  -James 1:17

an ongoing record of the riches of God's blessings:

1.  my sister is done with chemo!!!

2.  my father's quiet faith, work ethic, and laughing eyes

3.  seeing the kids light up when jim comes home

4.  snuggled close, napping with dylan in her daisy bed

5.  orange bursting tiger lilies and d's cheerful announcing of each new bloom

6.  childlike wonder and an eye for detail

7.  craigslist deals and impromptu trips through winding country roads

8.  corralling four escaped chickens with minimal effort and much laughter

9.  my happy, backwards crawling boy

10.  picking crisp snow peas, still warm from sunshine

11.  backseat baby belly laughs make car rides light

12.  a season pass and the promise of community

13.  the graces of marriage and forgiveness and the blessing of adult conversation

14.  a sabbath for jim and much needed family time

15.  the return of the horses and seeing them from our yard

16.  the start of camp and the excitement of what God will do this summer in the lives of nearly 2000 campers and staff

16.  trees alight with thousands of fireflies and jim home and dylan up to appreciate it.  (even croup provides moments of sweetness.)

thank you, Lord, for these precious gifts.

ShoutLaughLove starts tomorrow.  i hope you'll come back and link a story of life along the way:)

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Penny said...

Cultivating thankfulness is just that - a work in progress :) I've heard it said that a thankful heart is the antidote to discouragement.

Mommy Emily said...

... and praise it... oh, what a challenge. but then i look into my baby's eyes and remember, there is so much to be thankful for. thank you. for this.

Misty said...

i started my first list for the record today!!!
can't believe how big J is getting!!! it's crazy!

can't wait for tomorrow! i'll be linking up!

Unknown said...

find the good and praise it indeed.
I try.
we have to try.

thank you

Heather@Cultivated Lives said...

I had to laugh at the thought of your little one crawling backwards. I had one of those and it was such a delight to watch. I'm filled with gratitude at the reminder of that beauitful stage!

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