pigtails and puddles

when i was pregnant with james, a surprising number of people warned me  that there wouldn't be nearly as many/enough pictures of my second child.

this is true.

what i didn't realize was that dylan would continue to dominate the few pictures that i manage to snap, because i only think about it or have hands free when james is in the sling (as in these photos) or napping.

sorry, j.  by the time you're walking, i promise to have more pics of you.  i'll even try to get a few good shots before then, especially if you start sitting up better on your own.  please don't feel bad or hold it against me thirty years from now.  i don't have any good recent face shots of your sister, either.  mama just isn't a photographer.

(two posts in one day!  i couldn't leave you all hanging with a depressing current events post.  hence my sweet girl splashing away in her itty bitty size 4-5 crocs:)


Bri said...

LOVE LOVE the pigtails and crocs!

Anonymous said...

I am in your mom's Bible Study and she gave me the link to your blog. I told her at our last meeting that if you were closer to me, I know we would be friends! You are such a great writer! Your kids are so sweet and I love that you let the little one splash in puddles!

Misty said...

y'know, my kids never even wore a size 4. by the time i ever bothered w/ shoes, their feet were so mammoth that we had to go straight to 5's!! and i mean in pre-walking/toddling days!!! isn't that crazy?!!?
love the pigtails. i think we'e *done* over here tho it breaks my heart to say so, so i guess i'll have to have pink and pigtails vicariously!!!!

Penny said...

hee hee - cutey pigtails :) I was so happy when I could do Lydia's hair in them. She calls them "ponies".

Katie Jones said...

I love the pictures of Dylan being so well beyond pleased in her environment. I'm sure it makes it easier for you city parents to appreciate where you currently call home. :)

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