because there is value in hearing one another's perspectives, i'm launching ShoutLaughLove, a weekly carnival where you can link your story of life along the way.

it's good to know that others have muddied their shoes hiking the trail before us and that fellow pilgrims walk the path we thought we tread alone.

when i starting writing here, i knew it would be a great way to stay connected with people i love, but i didn't realize that blogging would introduce me to to others whose voices and encouragement i appreciate so much.  my goal for ShoutLaughLove is to grow that community and to offer a platform to hear other writers' experiences.

i'm casting the net pretty wide:  your post can pretty much be anything that shares your perspective and voice, whether life at the moment is delightful or difficult.  share a funny story, a rant, or a post about anything you're learning, celebrating, or wrestling.  if it's real and true, it's fair game.

we'll kick it off next tuesday june 22, and i hope you'll come here every tuesday to link up and read along.  you can read more details at the ShoutLaughLove tab below my header.

i hope you'll join me on this little writing adventure, and i look forward to reading your stories!


Misty said...

i can't wait, friend!!! love the concept and can't wait to see others on their journey!

pinkdaisyjane said...

Great idea, Suzannah! Can't wait!

Anonymous said...

Suzannah I did get your email and I am looking forward to participating next week! What a great idea.

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