the delight of dad

he tries to make it home for bedtime

for baths and brushing,
songs and snuggles, stories and
full-hearted prayers from tiny lips.

we soak in daddy time:
bedtime ritual and moments at meals
amidst the din of the dining hall
masterpieces in chalk, scribbled on concrete
stolen moments between meals and Gold Rush.

but Today
All Day Long (and Tonight, too!)
is Daddy Day:

four in a bed on a lazy thursday
giggles and smiles
made-up games and baby laughter

watered chickens and fresh-picked eggs

to the bakery
for breakfast sandwiches and raspberry rolls
packed into a cooler and
shared at the loveliest of parks

tucked behind a cluster of trees
a stone's throw from the four lane divided highway
hidden in plain sight,
the fisherman's treasure

and ours.

"There remains, then, a Sabbath-rest for the people of God."  --Hebrews 4:9
Bigger Picture Moment

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Dayle ~ A Collection of Days said...

What a beautiful post. The world needs more wonderful fathers.

Unknown said...

That is beautiful, and a lovely tribute to their father.

CharityVL said...

This post is full of tranquility, love and contentment. Beautiful statement of your family day!

The Hamons said...

Love it! A beautiful day.
I can now commisserate with you as Sean took a job in the fall as a Camp Program Director and now summer camp is in full swing. With crazy staffing issues, he's actually 5 roles in one now so Evan sees him for about 5 minutes in the morning and then we squeeze in Daddy time when I come home from work. We'll stop down to camp to say hi, maybe take a quick ride in the golf cart which always brings Evan a smile!

Misty said...

daddy days are the best! i just love those days when we are 5 b/cs so often it's just 4 and we feel it. love this :)

bethany said...

oh, i love this! ive always loved your poetry. and these self-taken family photos are wonderful!

Corinne Cunningham said...

Love it!!! And I love how you guys are smiling so big in the last two pictures :) Daddy days are by far the best.
Thanks for playing along today and linking up!

becca said...

Oh how my kids need a daddy day! I should have him read this... it might inspire him to take a day off!

lauren debo said...

i love this post and i love you guys. (i showed my mom the pictures you posted and she just commented on what a beautiful family you guys are!)

O'Brien said...

Not only are we torturing everyone and not finding out the gender....we aren't telling them our name choices. It is wonderful how it bothers everyone....especially since they think we figured out the gender at the ultrasound!!!
Every baby is the best!!!

Love the joyous family pics and the notes to dad!!

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