the seventh of july

because independence day fell on a sunday, camp started one day late, which is why we were able to get away to the cottage overnight.  longtime campers did not want to miss celebrating the fourth ligonier-style, so they did:  on the seventh.

here are a few pictures from what has got to be one of the strangest parades anywhere:

yeah, that's a gorilla with a water hose

rag tag marching band, with full choreography

ummm, my husband

adventure staff float

there were costumed people on mowers, a ninja motorcylist, uncle sam on a moped, a bezazzled black horse and rider, golf cars, trucks, a former miss ligonier, kids on bikes, and a host of painted counselors in tutus, streamers and all shades of red, white, and blue.
you've never seen a more festive seventh of july:)

i wish you could see james' "my first fourth of july" bib, worn as cape, just like daddy.

at bedtime, dylan and i did fill in the blank prayers.  "thank you, God, for..."

dylan decided on "crowns and costumes, balloons, water, and hotdogs."

absolutely, baby.  i'm thankful, too.

some things never change:)
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