day of the locust

we took a little off-road detour tonight to check out the trail clearing progress at the pond and the newly-opened vistas.

our sante fe bumped along the grassy field, windows down, until we heard the "THUTTHUTTHUTTHUTTHUTTHUT" of rapidly beating wings.

"pull over," jim said.  "i think there's a grasshopper in james' car seat."

i complied, and jim opened the back passenger door just in time to pull a giant cicada out of the baby's clenched fist.  one second more and james would have had the entire insect, beating wings and all, IN HIS MOUTH.

jim grabbed it away just in time, released it, and it flew away without skipping a beat.

the baby's fine, the cicada is fine, but i'm afraid of what i'll see when i close my eyes tonight!

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