quiet confidence forever

her request caught me by surprise.

"i want you to take a picture of me and the baby," tiffany said.  "we have the same hair!"

and she took off her beautiful blue wrap.

we sisters three (plus boy babe) were together this spring for the tears and the clippers and the inaugural head scarves.  her trademark long red locks were not the only thing that cancer took, but in many ways, they were the hardest to lose.

but, dang.  look at tiffany now:

sister, even bald, you look good.  without the thick fringe of bangs, your blues eyes sparkle bigger, your cheekbones look higher, and your smile lights up your whole face.

but more than that, this shot captures some of the joy and strength and confidence that i so admire in you.  you've been through fire and emerged like gold:  refined and more beautiful still.

you've fought so hard, and you look fantastic, but it's your inner beauty, sister, that catches our breath.  i am so thankful for you, sweet sister.

linked up with the bigger picture moment, hosted this week at this heavenly life.
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