camp replaced the windows in our old farm house a few weeks ago, so now they all open, which is definitely a good thing.

not so good? the fact that in all this time, we haven't put any of the blinds back up.

it's not complete laziness. the downstairs bathroom window formerly had a giant wooden privacy screen.  it was nailed into a makeshift frame that had to come down for the new window to go in, and i'm reluctant to re-install it due to the fact that it is enormous and hideous. plus, i wanted to paint the screen white to match the trim.  or maybe make a curtain instead.

i was never going to make a curtain. these days i can barely make breakfast.

case in point:  this morning, my eggs tasted faintly soapy. i couldn't figure out what the problem could possibly be, until i realized that i'd chopped veggies on a cutting board i'd previously used when making laundry soap.  soapy eggs, the 19th way to use dr. bronner's.

anyway, for the last four weeks, the giant bathroom window has offered an unobstructed view of our yard, camp's baseball diamond, and the main road in and out of our town--right from the toilet.

awesome, right?

i've spent all month creeping and hiding in the dark to prevent putting on a spectacle. during the day, i tried not to worry about the lack of privacy. there's a pretty big field out there, and drivers shouldn't be able to see inside in the daylight, right?

today i was sitting there, doing my thing, when i heard the roar of a mower just out of eye line.  (during the summer, boys on maintenance cut our grass.)

i was about two seconds away from The Most Awkward Encounter Ever With A Teenage Boy, and i don't think i've ever jumped out of a bathroom so fast.

not that high school didn't have more than its share of awkwardness, but i've at least been spared that particular indignity.

needless to say, jim is re-installing the (unpainted) privacy screen and ugly frame first thing tomorrow.  i should probably have him re-install the blind for the window in our shower, too. somehow i doubt the concealing powers of our white shower curtain alone...

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