the gift of time

Every day, this One offers gifts--life, light, and hours in which to work and eat and love and rest--and invites humankind to join in the ongoing work of caring for creation and all who dwell therein.  The same One also continues, each day, the work of new creation:  the work of forgiving and reconciling and restoring wholeness.  This too we are invited to enter, both as ones who stand in need of this divine work and as partners in it.
                                                   --Dorothy C. Bass, Receiving the Day
an ongoing record of God's goodness, #99-113

   fearless dylan and the bumper cars

last day of the season at the park and all four of us together

happy, grateful kids made each minute a joy

childlike excitement

funnel cake with ice cream, fresh strawberries, and whipped cream.  ohmygoodness.


kitchen wizard-in-training

 water baby

playing with poppy

grammy's fresh-picked peach cobbler for dessert.  and also breakfast.

an acceptable picture of the family four-pack.  (yes, dylan and james are essentially the same size.)

dandelion wishes

sharing meals with friends
staying up late to finish an engaging page-turner

grammy and poppy brought an old-school walkman for dylan, and she refers to the headphones as "muff ears."  i can hardly stand it:)

i'm taking a break from ShoutLaughLove for a bit.  i still love the idea, so i'll probably pull it out again later this fall...

holy experience
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