the mouths of babes

dylan loves to watch pbs's super why, and i know it's the reason she can identify most of the letters in the alphabet.  i think it's pretty cute how they glamorize reading for the pre-school set.  after they introduce the cartoon cast (and the super readers' various reading powers), wyatt tells viewers that they have the power to help and instructs them to say their names.  dylan loves this part, and usually calls out the names of everyone in the family:  "mommy!  daddy!  sydney!  james!  dylan!"

i'm not quite sure how much reading assistance the dog or baby can offer, but i like her desire to include everyone.

today, she was watching downstairs as i nursed james upstairs, and i heard her enthusiastically add another helper to the list:  "bunny bear!"

apparently, dylan's beloved stuffed animal friend is a super reader, too.


yesterday at lunch:

dylan:  remember when i spit up on the towel at the beach?

jim:  we remember.  it was sad.

d:  and you washed me off in the ocean?

me:  i remember, baby.

d:  and then i spit up again and the seagulls ate it?

jim and me:  yup.

d:  they liked it.  it was their dinner!


yesterday was a big step forward in potty learning for dylan.  she used the toilet (at her own request) and stayed dry in underwear all day.

could the poo and diapers i deal with on a daily basis really be reducing by half?  she asked herself hopefully.

and then, dylan put something in my hand.

"what's this, mom?"

it was a crusty black holdover from an accident our dog had had on a rainy day before we left for vacation.


"i took it from james.  i didn't want him to eat it."

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