and the world spins madly on

it's been a bit of a rough season.  summers are stressful with the hours jim works, but life after camp has been a harder transition for the kids than i'd anticipated.  clearly, as it's been two months and we're still working through this.

summer was lonely as life and relationships got swallowed up and time with jim was never enough, but camp did provide consistent structure for the kids.  meals at camp were times we could see jim, however briefly, and they anchored our days.  believe me, i am thankful to be preparing meals again and not to be tethered here at 12:30 and 5:30 every day, but our routine has suffered.

i added back the activities and relationships that were sorely lacking from our summer, and the kids in turn subtracted sleep.  and how!

you know how it goes.  you're out during naptime and your child is too tired to sleep later, ensuring bedtime will require the kind of military precision that is just not possible without, well, a military.  the sleep deficit balloons over days weeks months, kids get sick, and pretty soon you're up from 3-5AM with an exhausted, screaming baby who is nursed and changed and somehow still too tired to sleep.

i can count one one hand the moments both children have napped at the same time in the past two months, which makes it extraordinarily difficult to make a phone call.  or finish the dishes.  or write a blog post.  or take a shower. 

my kids are not-yet-one and not-yet-three.  they need naps.  i need them to nap.

a wicked stomach bug took all four of us down this past weekend, exacerbating our collective sleep woes.  we're healthy now but even more exhausted.

i'm taking the baby to the relevant conference for christian bloggers this weekend.  i'm nervous about it, what with his vampire-like sleep habits, but excited, too.  my parents are meeting me there to help with james.

and i will have some real grown-up time.  with other writers.  women who love Jesus.

and the one upside of all that hoarking last weekend is that i may just fit into a decent outfit or two. 

would you pray for us this weekend, for safe travels and soul rest?  what about you?  may i pray anything on your behalf?  hopefully not in the middle of the night, but between the perfectly prayer-worthy hours of 7AM-11PM.  does that sound good?  great:) 

"He will yet fill your mouth with laughter 
and your lips with shouts of joy"  (Job 8:21).
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