on books and boa constrictors

although her birthday isn't until next month, the librarians kindly made a place for dylan in their three-five year-old story hour class.  parents don't attend this "big" kid class, and my independent girl loves every minute.

i love that she loves it.  library was always my favorite "special" in school.

(i never was the cool kid, which pretty much goes without saying.)

The Day Jimmy's Boa Ate the Washi love a canvas bag, heavy with books, and taking the kids to the library each week is a treat--possibly more for me than for them.  last week, we picked up The Day Jimmy's Boa Ate the Wash, the tale of a class trip to a farm gone awry.  it was a favorite of my first grade class, and i remember reading  it often, twenty-some years ago.  the story and illustrations are silly and fun, and dylan enjoyed it too as we snuggled together one afternoon before her nap.

after jim and dylan dropped james and me at the wonderful Relevant conference in hershey [which i will share about but am still processing], they continued on together for a daddy/daughter weekend in brooklyn.

as they crossed the verrazano bridge, dylan called out to jim [often called jimmy] from the back seat, her eyes twinkling:
"daddy, i'm sorry you lost your boa constrictor at the farm."
she is not even three and is making literary jokes.  my heart might burst.
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