the only Word that matters

sometimes, it's just good to get away.

after several weeks of parenting challenges, including vampire-babes, sickness, and a few days i longed to wash away, i was beyond happy for a break.

i got one, in the form of Relevant, the blogging conference that wasn't.

what i mean is that it wasn't really about blogging.  not exactly.  i didn't learn any technical tricks or secrets for growing an audience.

i learned much about writing for an Audience of One.  

about blogging-as-ministry:  a platform for telling God's story, his work in my life.

of writing as a gift from God, offered to God.

it was a different sort of blogging conference, and for that i am so thankful.

to hear from godly women was a gift: ann from holy experience, kristen from we are THAT family, jen from balancing beauty and bedlam, courtney from women living wellsally clarkson from and crystal paine shared much wisdom on parenting young children and prioritizing God and family.

it's probably the only blogging conference ever to encourage bloggers to spend less time online, and it was exactly what i needed.

it was fun to meet women who share my faith and love of the written word.  i am grateful for the generous support of my parents, in-laws, and a kind friend who made my attending the relevant conference financially and logistically possible.  you are blessings, all!

the conference closed saturday night with a time of singing.  i love my traditional, liturgical church, but my spirit misses the music that makes me raise hands in praise.  it was good and fitting to worship together, we sisters and members of the [little-c] catholic [big-C] Church.

i hadn't been on a retreat that i hadn't led since college, and relevant felt like one in many ways.  i needed to hear godly teaching, to be challenged and encouraged.  to meet with God.  to enjoy a sabbath from dishes and distraction.

it was restful, even with my nursing baby along for the ride and a busy schedule of seminars.  God always provides, and this weekend he gave me the time, space, and encouragement my heart needed.

  Find rest, O my soul, in God alone;
       my hope comes from him.

  He alone is my rock and my salvation;
       he is my fortress, I will not be shaken.

  My salvation and my honor depend on God;
       he is my mighty rock, my refuge.

  Trust in him at all times, O people;
       pour out your hearts to him,
       for God is our refuge. 
-Psalm 66:5-8
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