recovering. with tri-cornered hats.

jim got back in the wee hours of tuesday morning after building a playground in costa rica for seven days.  they had a great trip, and we are so thankful to have him back.  really, really thankful.

i haven't written much partly because i didn't want to advertise that we were home alone, but more than that, i just couldn't put together any words.

to be honest, it was exceedingly difficult to function at all.

the kids slept like vampires.  not nocturnal, sleep-all-day vampires but the broody, never-sleep-at-all Cullen-variety vampires.  yes, i read all the twilight books.  stop judging.

in all seven days, there was only one 45 minute window in which i managed to get them to nap at the same time.  i still haven't bounced back.  especially since last night, dylan had some sort of awful bug and vomited through EIGHT CHANGES OF PAJAMAS.

all i can say is, praise the sweet Lord Jesus that jim was home for that particular catastrophe because that would have put me waaaaaay over the edge last week.  (d has been hoark-free since 8 am today, and so far things are looking up.)

there were grace-filled moments, too, during my marathon solo parenting gig.  a friend came by to play with the kids and another helped with bedtime on an especially difficult night.  we had two playdates here which brightened a rainy week.  friends whose husband/dad was also on the costa rica trip  had us over for dinner twice.  not hearing from jim at all was tough, but we weren't lonely.

plus, we got to hang out with one hundred thousand of our closest friends at Fort Ligonier Days, the three day festival in which our little town resembles Mecca during the Hajj.  or first century Bethlehem during the census, as our priest likes to say every christmas. 

are those comparisons not helpful?  how 'bout five overlapping dave matthews band festival shows with about 99% fewer frat boys and 100% more french and indian war reenactors, shriners, kettlecorn, and crafts?

i went to college at william and mary.  seriously, i cannot get away from colonials. 

also, this is the first time in over a month blogger actually allowed me to upload a photo from my computer.  feeling a little bummed i wasted this opportunity on all the kings' men instead of say, our vacation photos, but whatever.  (anyone else on blogger having trouble with uploading pics since it changed things?)

iight, i am exhausted and barely coherent.  have a lovely weekend, friends.

and to all a good night!
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