chasing tinies

my baby is a TODDLER. i am simultaneously smitten with how cute james is walking around the house like the little person he is and overwhelmed by the ohmysgoshhesisgrowingupsofast feeling. 

they both are: miss dylan elizabeth turns three tomorrow. my babies aren't such babies anymore!

jim, not such a fan of the baby stage, is ecstatic on both counts. i look at moms with babes-in-arms and miss those teeny tiny days.

sort of.

i don't forget how overwhelming it can be, but i do love snuggling itty bitty babies. lucky for me, my sweet not-quite-babes still have a little cuddle left in 'em:)

our computer has been in the shop for a week. [do you say "shop" with computers or just cars? hmm.] i'm typing now on a hand-me-down laptop that is more than a little tempermental. i can't actually post to blogger or read my gmail in its regular version, but i will attempt to post this via email. here goes nothing...

have a lovely weekend, friends!
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