happy places. or, ima keep my head up high

last week, i reported that james could say mama, dada, dylan, and stinky.  well, dinnertime is apparently prime language acquisition hour, as well as boisterous family time.  to his repertoire, james has also added thank you, one,  and what is perhaps the funniest two word request from a one year-old:



that's my boy:)

he fist bumps and then laughs and laughs and laughs.  such joy in that little heart!

we've also been watching this wonderful sesame street clip on repeat, prompting requests from dylan like this little gem:  "daddy, can you break it down, but no singing this time?"

both kids watch and dance around like wildly happy, fuzzy little monsters.  love!

now a question for you:  our kodak easyshare bit the dust, and we are in the market for another modestly-priced digital camera.  any tips?  should we get a kodak or try another brand?  we really don't want to spend more than $150.  help a girl out who knows very little about such things!

edited to add:  jim just came home with a canon power shot.  can't wait to learn it!

have a fist-bumpingly wonderful weekend, friends:)
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