tea and quiet


we gussied up
{mother-and-sister-in-love and me}

boots zipped and necklace clasped,
i relieved my purse of its cheerio and diaper burden,
and entered the car two kids (and cups) lighter.

we left babies with the boys
and ventured out:

three for tea
and quiet

i savored rooibos kissed with caramel,
and grown-up conversation,
a tower of tiny treats
and the space and time to appreciate them.

enjoy we did:
we lingered two luxurious hours,
taking tea with cubes of sugar just to use those dainty tongs,
to hear that satisfying plink

[and my own thoughts!
and her words!]

every detail was lovely:
the porcelain cup and saucer, chosen with care
elegant garland and simply arranged christmas hymns
delicious fresh pineapple, to heck with seasonal eating!
one perfect strawberry, thick-dipped in dark chocolate
and the cherished company of family.

the cheerful jumping-in-arms greeting from two sweet babes upon our return
was the icing on the cake (or the clotted cream on the scone, as it were)
of one perfect afternoon.
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