a thin line

i tried bangs again.  it's a risky maneuver, as they've gone wrong so many times i don't know why i keep bothering.

except i do, because they are so stinkin' cute when done right.

done right by others, i mean.  i've experienced widely (and wildly) unfortunate results over the years at salons and home, so i almost never wear bangs.  i cut them, hate them, and let them grow out until the whim strikes again, which it always does.  i am ever the hair-optimist.

last night, i got them cut (along with my formerly-pink-and-starting-to-dread ends from october).  i went to a drop-in place inside a discount store, and can i tell you?

i am reasonably pleased with my low-end 'do:

i am just hoping that after i wash and style it myself, my hair resembles this indie queen

a bit more than this one!

la la lalala

with love and fluffiness,
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