ugly sweaters and sundry winter tales

  • we hosted our third annual ugly sweater party, and it was ugly indeed.  take a gander:

those are some Cooossby sweaters!
elfin cute

um, this is an ugly sweater bustier that i purchased at a church rummage sale.
  • jim made eggnog that should come with a warning.  we still have some in the fridge, and it is dang tasty in coffee.  it'll warm you right up on these chilly mornings;)
  • my MOPS group had a homemade gift/craft exchange this morning.  this is not really my forte, as i don't scrapbook or use craft as a verb.  (last year i infused vodka--craft liquor!)    my lemon curd turned out great, but i am most proud of how cute i made the little jars look:
it's like they were made by someone who knows how to decorate stuff.
maybe there's a little crafter in me yet.  i know, not really.  indulge me.  at least once a year i can pretend.
  • like her daddy, dylan loves all things winter.  she gets exceedingly amped about icicles, and she was finally able to get out and play with jim the other night, in her new-to-us snowsuit.  let's snow throwballs!  she said.  snow throwballs, indeed.

  • james has been sleeping like junk for about three months.  last night he was up four times.  at almost fourteen months, he's is not an infant anymore, and i am so tired of being tired.  must. get. offline. and. in. bed.
what about you?  any christmas crafting, snowventures, general merriment? (*salutes* General Merriment!)  tell me a story.
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