nestled deep inside the weird, wonderful mosaic of
grandma/sister/neighbor love:

mittens on strings (or they'd never match)
hand-me-down snow pants much too
big, hiked-up and snugged-down.
scarves:  each stitch a blessing
boots and hats and extra gloves
coats zipped cozy-tight and

we are READY.

the front door opens wide
a world of possibility, shimmering white
the trees sparkle, each bare branch thick with ice

{graced by the wand of a sugar plum fairy?
or the very hand of God?}

we step out:  brother, sister,  i

Can you walk?
No, but i can fly

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'twas the write before christmas: check out daily prompts all week and join in.  today's is "lost amid the snow."
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