tell me a story [de-lurk!]

photo:  neal gillis

apparently, it is de-lurking day, which could be construed as a ploy for comments, but i prefer to look at it as an opportunity to hear from you:)

i know since i changed to Disqus comments, it threw Blogger folks for a loop, but it's not that hard to work, i promise (and you don't have that mind-numbing word verification step.  you're welcome.)

just fill out your name and email, and you are good to go.  if you have a website, would you please fill that out, too, so your comment links back to your site and the rest of us can find our way over? (you can also log in with facebook, yahoo, or twitter.)

but best yet, take two minutes and create a Disqus account (from within the comment box).  that way, your info will automatically fill in every time, easy as pie.  (it will remember your password and everything.)  also, if someone replies to your comment, Disqus will email it to you and you won't miss it if you aren't in the habit of checking back (which i never do.)

you can upload a photo to your Disqus profile, too, or register a universal one over at and it will show up in comments across the web.

soooo, tell me a story!  a little about you.  or anything.  de-lurk!  i love finding new blogs, and if you fill out your website, i'd love to check you out, too.

happy friday, friends!
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