and the day yet to begin

today began at 4:55.  after nursing james, i tucked him back into bed and dressed in the dark.

i am so not a morning person.

my bleary eyes have seen wee hours plentiful.  in my younger days, it was because i hadn't yet been to bed:  papers and projects and conversations engaged me while others slept.  i've woken early for work, brewing coffee in the pre-dawn hours for commuters and college kids at--count 'em--four coffee shops.  these days, it's the breastfed babes and sick kids who keep the crazy hours, and we meet their needs before dawn breaks.

until today, i never got up that early for me.

the house was quiet as i laced my boots.  i stepped onto the deck and caught my breath:  the moon shone larger-than-life on the horizon, swollen gold and appearing bigger than the still-sleeping sun.

a strange, luminous gift to light a new path.

photo by chris demayo
The day is yours, and yours also the night;
   you established the sun and moon. -Psalm 74:16

shared with melissa and the bigger picture beauties as well as emily's imperfect prose.
are you a morning or night person?  how do you create time for yourself in the stillness?
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