the dare

five years ago my heart burned with disappointment and anger.  the one good job prospect in this tiny town had exploded dramatically in my face.  as i drove home after a long and sleepless weekend away, dark clouds rolled in, black as my mood.

the rain began to fall, beating hard and fast on the windshield.  i got home and barely greeted jim.  i had to get to the gas station, not for gas but newspapers.  two of them:  the city paper and the local favorite that put sports and opinion on page one.  having to buy it again--for the classifieds i'd hope not to need again--was another insult to my already injured ego.

the tears welled up in my eyes and spilled down over cheeks, flushed hot with anger and exhaustion.  i was so very tired of the loneliness and the waitressing and the small town that didn't have enough room.

i scanned the living room for my wallet and caught a glimpse of the sun through the glass.  through the rain. 

there had better be a rainbow.

i stood out on the deck and looked at the sky, daring God to provide.

i do believe.  help me overcome my unbelief.

shared with the gypsy mama's five minute friday.  prompt: "five years ago"
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